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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:VW Action 2008
BWA Qualifying ET:17.9730
Best ET:16.6385
Best Terminal Speed:80.66 mph
Type:Barndoor Microbus
Size & Type:2276cc Type 1
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
Power:120 bhp
September '13: Billy's profile page updated with details of his new van, a 1953 Barndoor Microbus.

Click herefor the spec of Billy's old E-Z Camper
    Engine & Transmission Spec
  • CB Case (3.5mm Deck, Shuffle Pinned).
  • CB 82mm Forged Crank.
  • Scat I Beam 5.5" Rods.
  • Mahle 94mm Stroker "B" Pistons, Mahle 94mm Barrels with 0.8mm Spacers.
  • 8 Dowelled German Steel Standard Weight Flywheel.
  • Kennedy Stage 2 Clutch.
  • Engle FK8 Camshaft.
  • CB 28mm Lightweight Lifters.
  • CB Straight Cut Cam Gears.
  • Manton Thick Wall Chromoly Pushrods.
  • Jaycee Pushrod Tubes.
  • CB 1.4 Rocker Assemblies.
  • CB 044 Magnum Round Port Heads (42mm Inlet, 37.5mm Exhaust).
  • Shadek 26mm Oil Pump (Plugged For Full Flow).
  • 8.5:1 Compression.
  • 1.7 Rod Ratio.
  • Bears Motorsport SA Gearbox.