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Das Drag Day
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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:VW Action 2013
BWA Qualifying Terminal Speed:80.65 mph
BWA Qualifying ET:16.1343
Track:Santa Pod Raceway
Best Terminal Speed:85.57 mph
Best ET:15.7584
Track:Shakespeare County Raceway
Type:SO42 Westfalia
Size & Type:2276cc Type 1
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
Power:150 bhp (estimated)
Stateside Tuning
VW Jim
Initially I made the mistake of buying a second hand 2276 from the states, complete with 45 Dellorto’s, which lasted 1 month and 1,000 miles before it dropped a valve. After that good friend’s Tony Nash & Oly Whitehouse stepped in to build the next 2276. Using a new CB high top race case the boys proceeded to build a new engine using the old crank and cam from the first 2276 along with new Mahle 94mm stroker BnP’s, new CB 5.6 H beam con rods and new CB mini D cylinder heads running 42x37.5 with a 7.5 c/r for road use. This engine lasted 15,000 miles and got me into the BWA with a best of 16.13 at VW action last year.

Unfortunately the engine developed a “ticking” sound which, upon a strip down, was tracked down to a worn woodruff key on the cam gear. This resulted in another full rebuild earlier this year headed by Tony Nash. Jim Calvert at Stateside tuning provided a new 82mm DKP crankshaft, along with a refurbished full weighted original German flywheel and new stage 1 clutch plate. All this was balanced with my existing Gene Berg Equalizer bottom pully. The heads were rebuilt with new valve guides and seats.

Following my first runs at Bug Jam 2013 where I ran 3 sub 18’s, I decided to loose weight to go faster. From August 2013 to February 2014, I lost 6 stone going from just over 19st coming down to barely 13st. I also became a vegetarian changing my lifestyle dramatically. The desire to go faster with the present size engine has had a life changing influence for me. With the new rebuilt engine and weight loss I ran a new PB of 15.76 at the 2014 Cal Look Drag Day, however, the addition of a line lock for VW Action didn't go so well off the line... Time for a new tattoo!

I'm already collecting parts to rebuild the engine next year which will have Efi with a turbo.

    Engine Spec (Feb/March '14):
  • CB Raised Roof Race Case, 3.5mm Raised Deck.
  • DPR 82mm Crank.
  • CB 5.6 H Beam Rods.
  • Engle FK8 Cam.
  • Berg Oil Pump & Cover.
  • Scat Lightened Followers.
  • Mahle 94mm Barrels & Pistons.
  • CB Mini D Cylinder Heads.
  • CB 650 Dual Springs.
  • CB 1.4 Rockers.
  • Manton Push Rods.
  • CB Big Beef Manifolds.
  • 45 Dellorto's.
  • CB Rotary Fuel Pump.
  • Mallory Unilite Electronic Ignition.
  • Mallory Hyfire 6A Ignition Box & Coil.
  • External Oil Filter.
  • Bugpack External Oil Cooler With Scoop.
  • Type 4 Oil Cooler with Modified Fan Housing.
    Running Gear:
  • 7” narrowed front with early short beetle axles/tubes to fit the Calpart wheels.
  • Calpart Wheels. After nearly 4 years, and as far as I know, I'm still the only Split Bus in the UK running these wheels, unless anyone knows different? Made in San Jose back in the 70's, Calparts are a magnesium alloy wheel which, with their crazy offset, were better suited to buggy's. Back in the day Calparts were expensive compared to other Empi style wheels such as Crestlines, ET's and Rockets, but Calparts, unlike Crestlines & Ansens, only came in one size.
  • 165x50x15 Front & 185x65x15 Rear Tyres, Nothing Special.
  • Currently running drum brakes all round but with the addition of a Jim Merrin fitted servo kit.
    Other Details:
  • T25 Engine Inspection Hatch Cut & Shut to fit the Split.
  • Wright Pro Street (off the shelf) Gearbox with 3.88 Ring & Pinion, only down side from a 3.88 in a Bus is any speed under 40mph & you have to drive in 3rd gear.
  • CB Race Axles.
  • Butty's mid Gearbox Mount.
  • Bug Tech shifter with Super Extension & Modified Hurst Grip Line Lock.
  • Mallory Rev Counter with Shift Light & Rev Limiter.