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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:VW Action 2008
BWA Qualifying ET:16.8
Best ET:13.8124
Best Terminal Speed:97.50 mph
Size & Type:2276cc Type 1 With N.O.S.
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
I have had a keen interest in hot rods and drag racing for many years, I first got into VW's about 4-5 years ago when the wife and I went to the "Brighton Breeze" with a friend in his bay window camper van and we were instantly hooked. We soon got our own bay window and started going to the shows, mostly at Santa Pod. I could not believe the speed some of these old vans go!
It wasn't long before I was looking for a van to race and soon found one, a 1966 Split Screen Panel Van. With lots of late nights and hard work I fitted a new 2276cc engine, Airkewld BAD series brakes, fabricated my own I.R.S. from an early bay, and of course, added some good old N.O.S.
I entered the R.W.Y.B. at Big Bang '08 with the aim of qualifying for BWA and after a run of 16.8 without the N.O.S. I was hungry for more! At VW Action '08 I ran a 14.9... what a buzz!! I can't think of anything better than the air cooled scene, great shows, great people and I get to drag race!!