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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:EBI III 2009
BWA Qualifying ET:17.073
Best ET:15.664
Best Terminal Speed:84.74 mph
Type:11 Window Kombi
Size & Type:2387cc Type 1
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
Power:159 bhp @ 5934 rpm
Torque:154 lb/ft @ 4886 rpm
Dubnuts Forum
  • CSP long reach Gearstick
  • Mota Lita classic steering wheel
  • TMI interior
  • Full width rock and roll bed
  • 17" Plasma TV
  • Playstation 2
  • Dr Pepper interior
  • CB 4" Narrowed beam
  • Lowered all round
  • Type 3 Front discs
  • Type 3 Rear drums
  • Straight axle kit
  • Cog Box Pro Street gearbox
  • Genuine polished Porsche 914 2 Ltr. Fuchs wheels
  • Hot street 2.4 Ltr. dual carburettor type 1 engine
  • Brand new AS41 crankcase, machined and clearanced for pistons and crank, drilled and tapped for full flow oil system
  • Crank: Scat enterprises 86mm Chevy stroker crank, forged, counter weighted doweled and wedge mated to 200mm lightened flywheel. Straight cut timing gear for minimal loss of power
  • Cam: Scat C55 cam, straight cut timing gear, 312° duration, 0.428" lift and 108° lobe centres pushing on heavy duty lifters. Good mid range application 4500 to 6500 R.P.M
  • Con rods: Scat 5.50" length h-beam Chevy journal rods, forged from 340 high tensile chromoly steel, 2 piece forging, a.r.p bolts, dowel capped and match weighted
  • Pistons: Scat forged 94mm barrels and pistons, teflon wrist pin buttons and machined piston skirts
  • Heads: New for 2009 from R.D racing heads in the U.S.A, O.E.M 043 casting Mexican heads. Stainless steel 42mm inlet valves and 37mm exhaust valves. Significantly re-worked to include 1.625 exhaust ports, C.N.C match ported high speed inlet ports machined for 94mm piston barrels, C.N.C machined combustion chamber fitted with 12mm spark plugs, silicon bronze valve guides, chromoly retainers and high velocity valve seats. These are the best heads for hot street application money can buy and pull very hard through mid range R.P.M 3000 - 7000 and give a potential 180 b.h.p to the engine
  • Ignition: Mallory fully adjustable electric ignition with high energy ignition leads
  • Cooling: CSP Porsche 911 fan and alternator with black fibreglass fan shroud
  • Oil system: Heavy duty oil pump, CB performance slim line sump, external oil filter and remote oil cooler with thermostatically controlled cooling fan
  • CSP breather system
  • Carbs: Twin Weber 48 IDF carbs on match ported manifolds, pivot style linkage, central air box filter system gives even air flow across both carbs allowing more accurate adjustment and equipped with K&N filter charger filter
  • Valve train: Scat 1:4:1 rocker assembly with forged 4130 chromoly rockers fitted with bronze bushes and flame hardened tips, heavy duty shaft, bolt on aluminium end caps, duel springs, hardened lash caps and chromoly push rods
  • Clutch: Kennedy stage 2 200mm heavy duty clutch
  • Exhaust: Bug Pack Stainless steel 1.625" merged header exhaust system