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Das Drag Day
The Top 20
BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:Big Bang 2007
BWA Qualifying ET:17.7600
Best ET:14.4505
Best Terminal Speed:95.85 mph
Size & Type:2366cc Type IV
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
Power:181.3 bhp (Flywheel)
Torque:155 lb/ft
Hangar Auto's
The van came over from somewhere in Italy, I have had it since I was 21 when it was an on the road rotter so I used it for a few months then took it off the road and restored it underneath, inside and out.

That was 11 years ago and I haven't really done anything body wise since, I have put some cooling scoops underneath the load floor that go into the engine bay to help keep it cool. I have built all my own engines over the years and it will get worked on again over the winter, there has to be a bit more in there, I would like to see 100mph across the line.
  • Heavily Modified Heads With Different Style Exhaust Ports.
  • 48x40mm Valves.
  • 103mm Barrels & Pistons.
  • 71mm Stroke.
  • Cr 9.0.
  • Dry Sumped.
  • Cam Web 86c with Lightweight Lifters.
  • H Beam Rods.
  • 44IDF Weber's.
  • 4" Narrowed Beam.
  • Dropped Spindles.
  • Late Bay Discs.
  • Porsche Calipers.
  • Steering Rack Kit.
  • Early Bay IRS.
  • Late Bay Hubs & Brakes.