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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:Bug Jam 2009
BWA Qualifying ET:17.7157
Best ET:17.2852
Best Terminal Speed:74.04 mph
Type:Crew Cab
Size & Type:2276cc Type 1
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
Power:150 bhp
It's been a while coming but we made it into Buses with Attitude at Bug Jam '09 and it feels great. What a weekend we had, arriving early enough to get a good camping spot, enjoying a few beers and a BBQ on Friday night and then racing on Saturday. We had a go at getting sub 18's at Bug Jam last year and made 18.18 seconds, but on the next attempt bust the gearbox.
My bus is the 1960 Kieft en Klok Crew Cab which came to me as a non runner. Apparently the K&K team had set off to a show in the bus and forgot to check the oil. The set up was an 1885cc engine with a straight axle gearbox. The salvageable bits off this were few and far between, the crank, con rods and casing were all shot.
The 2276cc engine now in the bus was built by my son and his good friend Dave Jordon, Dave knows all things VW and has been building engines for some time. The bust gearbox was replaced by a Rancho, Pro Street and the full engine spec is:-
  • 2276cc type one
  • VW case, 94 clearanced, drilled and tapped for full flow oil system
  • CB 82mm crankshaft 8 dowelled
  • CB I beam race rods 5.5 length
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Kennedy stage 1 clutch plate
  • Scat C45 camshaft (straight cut gears)
  • Scat lube a lobe cam followers
  • CB 30mm heavy duty oil pump
  • CB slim line sump extension
  • Mahle 94mm forged pistons/cylinders
  • CB044 super mag heads (42x37mm stainless valves)
  • Manton chromoly push rods
  • Scat bolt up rocker shafts with swivel foot adjusters
  • Weber 48 Carbs
What a day Saturday was, I knew my reaction time on the first run would be bad and it was at .8774 seconds but what a thrill to see a time of 17.71 seconds. All our runs were under 18 seconds with my son, Andy making the best time of the day of 17.28 seconds.
A fantastic weekend, with a great result and sense of achievement.