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Das Drag Day
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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:N/A
BWA Qualifying ET:N/A
Best ET:12.10734
Best Terminal Speed:111.56 mph
Type:Hightop Panel
Size & Type:2332cc Type 1
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
Power:230 bhp + NOS 100 bhp (Estimated)
Engine built by Sylvain Brocarel/Slymotors
Outlaw Flat Fourclub member OFF/71 since September 2012
  • Type 1 2332cc with Nitrous Oxide System.
  • Crankshaft and Flywheel Berg wedgemated 84mm with T4 main center.
  • Carrillo Rods with Porsche fitting.
  • FK89 Camshaft.
  • Pauter Rockers 1.5.
  • 94mm AA long barrels with top machining for outside stainless steel ring and 0.4"copper ring.
  • Wiseco Pistons.
  • Compression ratio 10:1.
  • Comp Eliminator heads 46x40.
  • 16 Volts Jaycee alternator kit with ignition MSD 7AL-2 Plus and crankshaft trigger.
  • Jaycee 52 Carb.
  • Exhaust 1 7/8" with stinger.
  • Clutch Kennedy Stage 1 with Black Magic 4 puck disc.
  • Transmission: Rear Dave Nolt kit, specific longer shaft made by Taylor Machine Service, and Cogbox 091 gearbox with a limited slip diff calculated for WindSplit spec.
  • CSP Vented front brake disc kit, solid at rear and CSP shifter.
  • Serial Kombi early dropped spindles.
  • Creative Engineering steering rack, narrowed axle beam and adjustable rear spring plates.
  • Graphic Design by Arte Diem, Bodywork and painting by RCE body repair, lettering by Aero Jean-Do and metalflake upholstery by Old school sellerie.
  • Chassis paneling by Lowelding.
  • Electricity by Intec Motors.