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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date: Bug Jam 2008
BWA Qualifying ET: 17.4944
Best ET: 11.829
Best Terminal Speed: 111 mph
Type: Fire Panel
Year: 1956
Size & Type: 2387cc Type 1 Aspiration: Normally Aspirated Power: 280 bhp + 100 Shot Nitrous Torque: N/A   July '09: Read Phil's story about his trip to the 3rd European Bug In, and see more pictures of Phil's Fire Panel in action in the BWA News pages   October '11: Check out Gary Yeo's story and the full picture gallery of his and Phil's trip to Das Drag Day #9   Engine Spec
  • Aluminium Hi-Roof Crankcase machined for 94mm pistons, clearanced
    for 86mm stroke crankshaft and modified for T4 Ctr. Main Bearing.
  • Scat 86mm Wedgemated Forged Nitrided Crankshaft.
  • Scat Wedgemated Lightened Chrome-Moly Flywheel.
  • Autocraft Power Pulley.
  • JPM Custom Grind Clearanced Camshaft. Raptor Cam.
  • Magnum Steel Straight Cut Cam Gears.
  • JPM Lightweight Cam Followers.
  • Scat Forged H-Beam Chrome Moly Con Rods.
  • JE Lightweight Forged Stroker Pistons with Mahle Barrels.
  • Genuine Weber 48IDA x 2 Modified to 51.5mm.
  • JPM Weber Raptor Venturies and JPM Stacks.
  • JPM MS250 Cylinder Heads, 48mm x 38mm Stainless Steel Valves.