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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:London Volksfest 2010
BWA Qualifying ET:14.77
Best ET:14.77
Best Terminal Speed:87.8 mph
Size & Type:2387cc Type 1
Power:250+ bhp
Torque:280 lb/ft
I have owned my bus since January '92 and have covered over 70,000 miles in it. My first time on a Drag Strip was at Santa Pod in '98 where I managed a 17.9 second run with my first engine which was a 1776cc with Engle 125 Cam and Weber 44 IDF's.
    Current spec. includes:
  • CB Race Case
  • H Beam Con Rods
  • CB 044 Oval Port CNC heads
  • Custom Turbo Grind Cam
  • 1.3:1 Ratio Rockers
  • Hybrid Garret Turbo running just under 1 bar of boost
  • VW Speedshop 48mm Billet Custom Throttle bodies
  • DTA ECU System
  • Boxwagen Beam
  • Discs all Round

Having been on that famous journey home from Bad Camberg in '99 I am a founder member of BWA, now all these years and three children later I still use my bus daily from March through to late September.

Future plans include finishing mapping the ECU, installing a chargecooler and fitting a GT30 Ball Bearing Turbo, hopefully that might bag a 13!