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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:Big Bang 2010
BWA Qualifying ET:17.8726
Best ET:17.8726
Best Terminal Speed:74.53 mph
Type:Single Cab Pick-Up
Size & Type:1835cc Type 1
Aspiration:Normally Aspirated
Power:105 bhp (in 1996)
The Bus Station
1835cc John Maher built engine that used to be in a 90's show Beetle. Then it was about 105 bhp. Pete Roberts of Funkenblitz freshened the top end and installed it along with a gear box mid mount, traction bar, oil cooler and rotary fuel pump. It's normally aspirated with twin 40 Dellortos.
It's been IRS'd by Mark Walker at the Bus Station, with a 1303S box, and a Bus Station scratch built 4" narrowed beam with CSP disc brakes, dropped spindles, dual circuit master cylinder and a raised steering box.
The van is Italian spec and won a second prize at VanFest 2009 in the commercial show and shine class.