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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:Big Bang 2009
BWA Qualifying ET:14.8752
Best ET:14.8752
Best Terminal Speed:90.13 mph
Type:13 Window Deluxe
Size & Type:2276cc Type 1
Aspiration:Fuel Injected & Turbocharged
Power:323.3 bhp
Torque:264.3 lb/ft @ 5470 rpm
Full feature in VolksworldMagazine June 2009
August '10: Look out for Shawn's bus moving up from 6th position in the
BWA Top 20 sometime soon as after a brief period of no activity he has had it tuned and dyno'd with amazing results!

With a chargecooler now added the dyno produced a result of 323 bhp, 264 lb/ft and 135mph, Shawn adds, these figures were gained with 1.2 bar/18psi boost and still with retarded ignition timing so there is even more in there!!

Shawn's current BWA best of 14.8752 was achieved with a poorly tuned engine that detonated a week later and with 60 bhp less than he now has so hopefully we should see quite an improvement next time out.