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BWA Qualifying Meeting & Date:Bug Jam 2002
BWA Qualifying ET:17.01
Best ET:15.3907
Best Terminal Speed:88.54 mph
Type:23 Window Deluxe
Size & Type:1914cc Type 1
Power:240+ (at flywheel)
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At the Front
  • 3¾" Custom narrowed CB Performance beam.
  • 3½" Dropped spindles.
  • Custom made HD narrowed anti-roll bar.
  • Fully height adjustable.
  • Dual circuit servo assisted CSP Wide 5 disc kit.
  • Original Centerline road weight rims with 185x55x15's.
  • BERG shifter.
  • Soon to have my steering rack conversion.
At the Rear
  • Heavy duty SA conversion.
  • Race strength gearbox with Superdiff.
  • Extra chro-mo spider gears.
  • Welded 3rd & tall 4th.
  • Steel shift forks.
  • Strengthened side plate.
  • Race axles.
  • Stage 2 Kennedy Clutch.
  • Original Centerline road weight rims with 185x65x15's.
  • Modified BERG mid mount & custom made front nose cone mount.
  • HD rear anti-roll bar.
  • Dual circuit servo assisted CB Performance rear Wide 5 disc kit.
  • 1914cc Type 1 based on VW case.
  • DTA engine management ECU/EFI system.
  • Jenvey throttle bodies.
  • PACE Engineering chargecooler & pump with Concept Racing header tank.
  • Custom quick change exhaust from straight through tailpipe to double length stainless steel muffler.
  • Stock style tinware.
  • External filter & oil return 'stat & cooler with fan.